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We are honored to have served the community for 10 years and counting -- whether or you are a local regular or a new friend, it is our pleasure to host you. We look forward to welcoming you to Sigiri BBQ!


Sigri is traditionally a clay stove used to cook meals in North India, from breads to meats and everything in between Sigri Indian BBQ brings this ancient style of cooking to the new age. Born out of our passion to make this Indian tradition a staple, Sigri Indian BBQ brings its flavors and warmth straight from the sigri to your plate.

Meats,veggies & Naan!

Sigri – means fresh. We are determined to bring fresh ingredients to you every day. From meats to veggies - sliced, diced, marinated, screwed and, baked to melt in your mouth. Fresh baked naan imports the flavors of India to your plate. Right in front of you – from the stove to your plate always made with warmth and love that will ask you to return!

The Founders

Sigri Indian BBQ is the result of the lifelong passion of our founder Jagat Parikh. With an entrepreneurial attitude and dreams of success, Jagat set foot in this line of business 15 years ago. A proud owner of Multi Concepts LLC, a franchisee owner and, 5 of his very own convenience stores later, Jagat is still chasing the dream – his dream to own his own unique restaurant. As a part of the Newark community for almost two decades, Jagat saw the lack of international food options available to the very diverse college and corporate campuses. He has set out to bring Sigri Indian BBQ’s unique taste to this ever on the run crowd. Jagat x Sigri Indian BBQ are ready to bring traditional flavors to its audiences in an approachable format.  


Chef Aarthi is a global chef, known for her ability to incorporate modern techniques into traditional Indian cuisine. Aarthi's tremendous passion for Indian cooking pushes to bring its flavors to the masses. She has contributed to the success of an iconic Michelin starred Indian Restaurant Junoon in New York City, which awarded her the position of Chef de Cuisine. Soon after she worked with global chefs at the James Beard Foundation events of the Huffington Post. Chef Aarthi recently beat chef Bobby Flay in March 2018 and won Chopped in August 2016. Chef Aarthi's passion to make Indian cuisine accessible to all aligns directly with Sigri Indian BBQ vision. We are grateful to have such an accomplished chef to guide the flavors of Sigri Indian BBQ.